A grph enjoying a blue moonlit japanese style room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dream Mechanics

What Commands can I use here?

Using *Commands while in the dream will bring up the main list. *Teleports will display areas you can teleport to and *Localspecies shows which local species you can be. In addition, local species can be found on Tab C and warps by opening the map in the top right corner of the game screen.

How do I open up a Bank Account?

See the thread here for the password and commands to set your job.

When and where do Gold Coins spawn?

Daily paychecks aren't the only way to make money in Club Nimbus. Sometimes gold coins can be picked up throughout the Club. Gold spawns are on periodic timers and the locations are usually random, so you'll just have to wander around and hope to get lucky! Gold will only spawn in places a furre is able to walk to and does not include private areas. If it ends up somewhere it shouldn't be, please whisper Tacoma or Lunati and let us know so we can fix it!

How do I mark my burrow?

Each burrow has a dreamcatcher on the wall. Walk up to it and type *Mark along with your message (e.g. *Mark Smokie was here!).

How do I decorate my burrow?

This part is entirely up to you. Some burrows already have a couple things in them like bones, dolls or pillows. You can pick them up and carry them outside the burrow and replace them with things you like from the vending machine. You can also keep drinks and treats from the bar in your burrow if you don't want to lose them. The dreamwide item cleanup does not affect burrows. Your decorating will stay unless someone else touches them or the dream reloads.

Do all the vending machines dispense the same goods?

The vending machines in the Toyroom may look the same, but each contains different items. One machine stocks a large amount of pillows, another plushies. One machine has clockwork and enchanted toys while another contains naughtier objects.

Every hour, the bar tables are automatically cleared off and any abandoned items from the toy machine are put away. We used to have a message announcing this, but it became disruptive so we removed the announcement.

I found an Orb of Eternity! What is this?

The Orb of Eternity is an event item. It has a very low drop rate from Apprentice Wyrms in the garden so is ideal for group hunts and the like.

The story behind this Orb: "The Orb of Infinity is a very sacred stone. It was discovered at the bottom of a rippling, glowing lake on the isle. Once pulled from the lake, the waters immediately turned calm. It harnesses a wonderous power which allows the holder to witness any time from their past. Long forgotten memories can be recovered while gazing into the orb. Every year, Wyrm Sages send their apprentices to the isles to try and steal the orb. If you see a hatchling wyrm, catch them! If they made off with the Orb of Infinity, an important part of Nimbaterra's history would be lost forever."

My Bank Account is gone! What happened?

This is a known issue/bug that sometimes affects accounts older than 6 months. Out of 100+ active accounts only 5-10 seem to be affected each year. Club Nimbus has the largest amount of phoenixspeak memory available in Furcadia and the data stored for accounts uses less than 2% of it, so we are confident that insufficient memory is not the issue. We have been investigating it for over a year now but unfortunately no one can find anything within our code that might be causing this. If this happens to you, first re-open a fresh account and set your profession. After you have a new account, whisper Tacoma with the last balance you recall seeing in your account and you will be reimbursed.

Community Affairs

What are the rules of the dream?

  1. All furres must be both 18 years of age in real-life and in-character. We will not make any exceptions for anyone. If you are under 18, you should not be in Furrabian Nights anyway. This is not just our rule, it is also Furcadia's.
  2. Harassment or drama between players is not welcome here. Club Nimbus aims to provide a safe, drama-free (OOC) environment. Do not use insults towards another furre or carry over drama from another place in Furcadia. Do not disrupt roleplay. Obvious trolls will be banned on sight.
  3. Erotic roleplay should be kept to private rooms, the game area or tucked away spots. No yiffing at the bar, lounge or other high traffic areas.
  4. Abusing Staff Privleges is punishable by removal of said privleges. Excessive emitlouds (spamming) is prohibited. NEVER eject another staff member. All ejects must be reported to Lunati or Tacoma with the reason for removal.
  5. Please do not make racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or offensive remarks. If someone is harassing you, please let one of the staff know.
  6. Anyone who doesn't follow these rules is subject to banishment from the dream. We do not owe anybody an explanation for why they were banned as none of our staff members take banishment lightly. Bans cannot be appealed at this time.

What regulations are there for staff?

Greetings, Staff Members!

I know CN has been really busy lately. Not only are we seeing a surge of new guests, but some old friends are discovering the dream and joining us, too.

Drama and sour social affairs are not a new concept on Furcadia. They are so commonplace and yet so dangerous to a community. Many people log on each day almost expecting some kind of new problem to arise.

As most folks are aware, Club Nimbus is a drama-free environment. We don't tolerate negativity and social conflicts are usually put to rest before they become a distraction. Scammers, beggers and obvious trolls don't even stand a chance. The rules clearly state not to start, spread or revive drama from another place or time.

Let's be real here, problems do arise from time to time. No social community on the face of the earth is exempt from this. When conflict brews, staff should not take sides or they risk losing their privileges. Assess the situation, warn both parties involved to cease the conversation or take it to whisper and, if misconduct occurs, show the offenders to The Vinca Nexus. Any ejects should be accompanied by a whisper to the ejected furre(s) with a reason why they were booted and, if a temp ban is issued, a date when they will be allowed to return.

Keep in mind these guidelines don't cover all offenses and are for first time offenders only. If someone has repeatedly broken a rule they are looking at a permanent ban.

  • Starting, continuing or reviving drama - 1-3 days.
  • Intentional Trolling to disturb or upset others - 1-2 weeks.
  • Purposely insulting someone in the dream (Directed profanity, name calling) - 1-2 months.
  • Racial or Homophobic Slurs - 3-6 months.
  • Sexual Harassment - 3-6 months.

Please whisper Tacoma or Lunati with the message you have given to the furre so we can issue the ban and lift it when necessary. Once again, STAY NEUTRAL TO CONFLICTS and DO NOT TAKE SIDES.

If all parties involved are following the rules, there is nothing for you to be concerned with. Obvious instigators should be ejected immediately and anyone who continues past a warning, regardless of affiliations, will also be removed from the dream.

Just because you don't personally like somebody does not give you an excuse to eject or banish them from the dream. If you remember an individual poorly from another community or dream on Furcadia, you have no right to judge them here based on that fact alone. Only their actions in Club Nimbus can truly determine if they are fit to be here.

However, if enough people are upset by someone's presence we will have to evaluate the situation. If allowing someone to remain in the dream is a detriment to the community, they may be removed due to public disturbance. If ten people are leaving a room because of one person, we may have to trust the judgment of the majority. Each person and case is different but we will always do our very best for the people who genuinely care about the dream.

A lot of folks seem to forget the ignore feature exists. Type ignore [name] without brackets anywhere in Furcadia and you shall never hear another peep from them again if you choose.

Don't want to be around someone after you ignore them? Spend a little while cooling off in another area of the dream. If this is disturbing a roleplaying session for more than one individual, staff action may be required. This will usually be in the form of a temporary ban. Permanent bans are something none of you should EVER take lightly.

We hope that the social end of Club Nimbus remains a safe and enjoyable space for everyone. You may vent about your problems, you can speak freely about what's on your mind, what's bothering you, and we won't judge. But please be mindful of others and treat them with the same level of respect that you hope to receive.

A great big thank you to everyone who is helping make Club Nimbus a fun and refreshing place to be.

Why are so many areas in the dream empty?

In addition to being an twelve-year ongoing project, Club Nimbus is a World Dream which means it's very expansive and comprised of dozens of areas. This gives players a variety of choices when it comes to their roleplay environment. With all these areas, there are bound to be many unoccupied, even with a large population. If the dream were simply an IC bar, OOC area plus a couple rooms, it wouldn't stand out from the bulk of dreams in FurN and would eventually lose its appeal. Having so many options open to players is a gift, not a burden.

Every area in Club Nimbus has been lovingly and mindfully decorated using only custom artwork. If you enjoy being here and can appreciate how much time and effort has gone into the construction of the dream, invite your crew over! If you're frustrated that a specific area is empty, fill it with friends! Make it your own, start a new plot, tell your story with us! We've included a lot of lore both on the website and in the dream to serve as the basic structure of storytelling here, so it is very easy to pick up and go right from the start.

The Lounge is the busiest area in the dream, please stop by and ask if you have any questions that aren't covered here. Additionally, use the "Find RP" button and ask in the Lounge if anyone would like to start up a roleplay session. You never know until you try!

Why is Club Nimbus rated AO?

Ignoring the anatomy of a couple statues and vending machine fare, the stories that take place on the Nimbaterra isles can at times deal with very adult themes. These include addiction, substance use and abuse, slavery, prostitution, mafia conflict and much more. We chose to upload in FurN because censorship would dilute the story too much and limit the affairs of players.

What inspired Club Nimbus?

The layout for Club Nimbus remains mostly unchanged since its inception in August 2004. It started out as a small Amsterdam Style Coffee House for a RL Friend. Although he quit furcadia later that year, the dream's layout worked so well that it has been kept and expanded upon since. Club Nimbus was largely inspired by the style of upscale Brothels and Opium Dens from the late 19th Century to the 1930s.

Did you know the last Opium Den in New York City wasn't shut down until 1957?

Roleplay & Lore Related

What is the current state of affairs?

Events and Current Affairs are announced on the updates page. Bookmark it and check back periodically for updates.

What is the weather like up here?

The weather on Nimbaterra is generally mild and breezy, with daytime highs between 55-75°F (12-23°C). Winds range on the different isles. Islands closest to the Club's structures are the least windy (10-20mph) with the Windy Ledge usually between 40-70mph. The Windy Ledge sees very little tree growth.

Temperature inside the Club averages around 65°F (18°C). Permafrost rooms are kept just below the freezing point at 28°F (-2°C). The beds in these rooms are heated.

Is magic allowed?

Light magic such as levitation, item enchantment and teleportation are commonplace on the Isles. Superpowers like invisibility, mind control and mind reading are not allowed. Combat magic is also frowned upon as it is deemed unfair.

The technology in the dream can be compared to the end of the victorian era with steam powered machinery and very simple electric lighting.

What is the Cirrus Cartel?

The Cirrus Cartel is a mob composed primarily of avians and their allies who are responsible for high profile drug deals and exports, unofficial slave trade and other illicit activites. However, there is little to fear if you have not crossed them. They commonly mingle among patrons at Club Nimbus. The cartel generally only turns hostile when property is damaged, stolen or otherwise goes missing.

Slave liberation and prison breaks are a common blight on the organization. The mob is quick to react with violence to take back their property or retaliate when such mishaps occur. Anyone who wrongs the Cartel risks having their friends, family and loved ones attacked or held hostage.

Why Opium?

Opium is the natural origin of modern pain medicine and has been used to treat pain for centuries.

It is so valuable that wars have been waged over its cultivation, trade and use.

Opiates are strong, reliable and carry relatively few side effects. Used responsibly and on a short term basis, they are extremely safe and effective.

It is a common misconception that Opium is "smoked" in opium dens. Opium is instead vaporized in specialized pipes and hookahs. Once the Opium begins to take effect, the user may "nod" in and out and require a soft place to rest. It is a very gentle, soothing high that makes the user feel content and warm throughout their entire body.

Does my character have to involve themselves with drugs?

No. It's possible that you will know or meet somebody who is a a drug user or dealer but your character does not have to interact directly with any substances. If you're seated at a bar in the real world, would you be forced to consume alcohol? The same applies here. You could just as well order a water, soda, something to eat or nothing at all. In fact, our interactive bartender will happily serve non-alcoholic beverages and meals when requested. We understand that many players choose to abstain their character from alcohol and drugs. It is a very personal choice and one that will always be respected here.

Are guns allowed?

Wild-west style revolvers, pistols, muskets, cannons and other low technology firearms are fair game in the dream but should not be used unless there is a serious threat or a duel issued. Discharging any firearms inside the club is not allowed.

Are knives allowed?

Any and all knives, swords, axes, mace, bows and other low technology weaponry is allowed but, like the gun rule, should not be used unless there is a threat, consentual duel or major conflict. Weapons should not become overly distracting or a focal point of roleplay unless you are roleplaying a weaponsmith.

Blacksmiths have a pass to make weaponcraft a large part of their roleplay, as it is their tradeskill.

The preferred weapon in a Bouncer's arsenal are his or her muscles and brute strength. Rarely will a Bouncer ever need to use an actual weapon.

Why are there werewolves on the isles?

Werewolves have inhabited the wooded areas of Nimbaterra for as long as anyone can remember. It seems they have always been a part of the diverse ecosystem. The werewolves here tend to be more solitary than Wolven and Kasurian Werewolves. They are more prone to alcoholism, substance abuse and addiction. They hold a deep reverence for the cosmos and worship a Lunar Goddess.

Who is Morpheus?

Morpheus is an ancient guardian of the isles. He enchanted the natively growing poppies centuries ago, granting them their much desired physical and psychological effects. Morpheus has given his blessing to the founders of the Club and is found slumbering in the den of the poppies. He only awakens in dire situations to defend the isles and its furres.

Tips for getting into Roleplay.

You don't need a large group of players to start a new roleplay session. In fact, if it's your first time in a new area, it might be best to start small. Have a friend or three? Fly up to Nimbaterra together and start something new with us! Don't be discouraged if your favorite area in the dream is vacant, use this as an opportunity to make it your signature hangout! In no time, that lonely library corner or leaf-covered cliff on the Windy Ledge might become a hotspot for storytelling!

With the multitude of jobs available and how easy it is to start a new account, you could be a wise old Alchemist hunting down elusive flora for a spectacular elixir or an infamous Dealer who evades guards and peddles his goods on the Rooftop. The possibilities are endless and at Club Nimbus there is no shortage of unique, finely detailed areas waiting for some RP love from you and your crew!

On the various pages of this site you'll learn how the Isles of Nimbaterra were discovered, the building of the Club, the furres who live and work here, native species of plants and animals and the kind of technology we use. The setting is laid out clearly for players to have a good understanding of what might happen up here. Need to take a break at any time? No worries. On the main page we'll keep updates of what's happening in the grand scheme of things and you can always ask on the forums or in the Lounge.

Tips for roleplaying a drug user or addict.

There are two main Roleplaying styles of a drug addict. The first is content with their use and sees no reason why they should quit. The second type wants to get better and be free of the dependence by ultimately kicking the habit. Each style can shift into the other's territory over time. Someone who smoked Opium every day for three years may suddenly desire to quit while another who had had enough of the addiction may come into a large amount of money or drugs and feel more comfortable with using again. Those are the two universally accepted types, but there may be variations.

Addiction is just as common in wealthy slave owners as it is in as slaves. It can affect any user at any time regardless of economic wealth or social status, but is considerably easier for wealthier furres to maintain. Behavioral shifts when using include sudden irritability, excitement, joy and sleepyness and are similar in all furres under the influence.

In the throes of withdrawal, you have one main goal and that is finding relief. It will constantly pull at you like a moth to a flame, taking over your thoughts and often causing you to do morally questionable things to avoid agonizing withdrawals. Physical effects can include body aches, chills and pain while mental effects include depression, panic attacks and inability to focus. The relief is great when you do manage to score your medicine after a period of withdrawal.

When playing the role of a Slave maintaining an addiction (sometimes called "Double" Slaves), you will pass over a great deal of control to the effects of chemicals as well as your owner. This can be especially difficult as ordinary slaves already have enough limits imposed on them by others. It can be a challenging experience to roleplay, but a very enjoyable and rewarding one as well.

Casual drug users are known in the Club as "Chippers." They spend very little money very infrequently to have a good time. It's like a group of friends who drink alcohol to celebrate the weekend but abstain for the rest of the week. Chippers can become addicted at any time, especially if they use a drug as a reward or to relieve a great deal of stress. Most Chippers, however, do not develop a dependency from casual use alone. Tolerence to opiates may still develop over time, making the drug less powerful on the user.

The effects of various Opiates/Opioids can be read about here.

What should I do if someone is distracting my roleplay?

If someone is being disruptive, intentionally rude, or isn't following the RP Guidelines listed upon entry in an area, please contact Tacoma. Likewise, if another furre is using insults or harassment to intimidate or distract another player, report this activity to a Guardian Beekin if the Silence Rule has not resolved the conflict.

Our mission is to allow furres a relaxing roleplaying environment, regardless of their experience level. Please refrain from spamming short sentences in a roleplaying session and never use lazy "net" abbreviations like 'u' instead of 'you'.

Try to put some thought into your RP dialogue before posting. Skilled roleplayers strive to paint a vivid picture of what is going on around them and their characters. For them, no detail is too small to ignore in a good session.

It may take some time to improve but most folks around here are more than willing to throw you some pointers if you're new to the RP scene and are genuinely interested in learning. You want to really immerse yourself and others around you into the story, so a little extra effort can truly go a long way. We recommend asking for tips on the Club Nimbus Forum or coming in to the Lounge area (OOC) for advice.

All information on this page is intended for use in fantasy roleplay only.