Skye the Gryphon serves a patron at the bar.

Bartender Skye Rufflequill is at your service!

While seated at the bar, say any of these food or drink words in a sentence that includes any of the following phrases or words: order, please, may I have, gimme, can I have, hey barkeep, thank you.

Available Fare:

Food Drink
Mystic Mushrooms Gold: 50 Gravedigger's Gin Gold: 20
Space Brownies Gold: 15 Crystal Chiller 20
Celebration Cake Gold: 0 Poppy Tea Gold: 10
Grilled Steak Entree Gold: 0 Thunder Punch Gold: 10
Soup of the Day Gold: 0 Blazing Bourbon Gold: 10
Warm Biscuits Gold: 0 Frost Vodka

Gold: 10
Firefly Rum Gold: 10 Beer Gold: 0
  Honey Tea Gold: 0
  Water Gold: 0

Please Note: You will need to have a Bank Account to order Premium Food and Beverages.