Several patrons enjoying the Bath and Spa

Employment Info & Job Classes

Looking for work? Good news! In Club Nimbus, you can begin work right away by simply opening a bank account. Just below the game screen there is a gold coin button. Click it and follow the instructions to open your account. When you first activate your personal account, you will be unemployed. To change your class type *New-Class and one of the following: Slave, Club-Worker, Alchemist, Blacksmith, Bouncer, Dealer, Medic, Noble, Rogue.

Example: *New-Class Medic will change your class to Medic and deliver your first paycheck.

Bartenders, Entertainers and Masseuses are all classified as Club-Workers and will all receive equal pay. The gold you earn can be used to buy premium effect drinks at the main bar.

Daily Paychecks are delivered automatically each night at 00:00 FST (Midnight). You will not receive your paycheck if you aren't in the dream at that time.


Employment Command: *new-class alchemist
Weekly Wages: $x175 + 105 Grams of Opium.

The alchemist is in charge of synthesizing compounds and creating the potions that will be used in the Clinic. Alchemists can be at times a little bit messy, and explosions are possible from the merging of certain compounds. Skilled chemists can also produce pets called homunculus which may aid them in their research, or just keep them company. Alchemists have also been known to spend a fair amount of time at the bar, trying to sell tourists and travelers their latest elixirs.


Employment Command: *new-class club-worker
Weekly Wages: $x350

Bartending ain't easy. Even though we have our friendly brew serving NPC, Skye Rufflequill, sometimes guests want something a bit different than the usual fare. That is where you come in, aspiring Barkeeps! Bartenders are known for having one of the most social jobs in the Club and for being the Alchemists of the Bar. Your potions come in the form of delicious ale and cocktails, wonderous treats and scrumptious eats. Keeping guests entertained with a joke, song or story is also very important, especially in the wee hours of the morning when the crowds die down.


Employment Command: *new-class blacksmith
Weekly Wages: $x560

With incredible strength and dexterity, you are a master of metalcraft. From fire, liquid steel and your own ingenuity, wonderous weapons are forged by your hand. Working tirelessly in your hot stone workshop, you are able to equip furres with the finest armors and blades ever imagined. The pay is respectable to compensate for the heat and stress of the craft. Moreover, your name will be synonymous with quality.


Employment Command: *new-class bouncer
Weekly Wages: $x525

Think you're tough? You don't know our gryphons. Club Nimbus has to deal with all kinds of ruffians barging on in and it's your job to keep the premises safe. Most nights, your job will be simply to observe. Mental toughness can be just as important as physical strength when taking up this profession. Once a fight breaks out or a troublemaker walks in, it's up to you to leap into action, deliberately putting yourself in harm's way to protect others. Do you have what it takes?


Employment Command: *new-class dealer
Weekly Wages: $x525 + 35 Grams of Opium.

Everybody knows your name. You're the one furres speak of only in whisper, the reputable dealer who delivers the highest quality goods and never messes around. You defy the rules, delivering to Slaves in withdrawal and peddling the harder stuff that medics want nothing to do with. But with greater medicine comes greater need, and when you're called upon you'd sure as hell better come through. Your name is on the line and many furres are counting on you not to screw up. You may work independently or for the Cirrus Cartel. The latter comes with the higher payout of the finest luxuries money can buy, but at the cost of inexplicable horrors if you cross the line.


Employment Command: *new-class club-worker
Weekly Wages: $x350

Whether you're a small time dancer, a musical sensation or in charge of running the show, there are various types of Entertainers to fit the bill. Performers and Dancers are the most common Stage Room professions. There are also Ballet Dancers, Bartop Dancers, Belly-dancers and Musicians as well. Furres come from all over the lower regions looking for a stellar performance. Can you deliver? Does your character have a special talent that isn't mentioned here? Come show us what you've got at the Performance Lounge!


Employment Command: *new-class gardener
Weekly Wages: $x350 + 70 Grams of Opium.

A good Gardener doesn't mind getting their paws dirty. Tilling the soil and harvesting the many crops that grow on the isles is hard work. After the day's harvest, the Gardener is in charge of washing the crops, trimming stems and sacking up all of the good herbs in preparation for our resident Alchemists, Bartenders and Medics to grind and process. All that hard work comes with higher than average pay and a good amount of Opium to boot! You also get to the enjoy the fresh air, falling leaves and the great outdoors.


Employment Command: *new-class club-worker
Weekly Wages: $x350

Ahh, who doesn't love a good day at the spa? Our massage specialists are experts at getting out all those annoying lumps and bumps, preparing hot bubbly soaks and making furres feel perfectly relaxed! On busy days, you will need to do the laundry and restock on oils and incense from our local Alchemists. In this field, socializing is just as important as a skillful hand, as Patrons talk of their day-to-day stresses and may even come to you for advice! If you can appreciate working with magnificent scents and making others feel content, this just might be the job for you!


Employment Command: *new-class medic
Weekly Wages: $x350 + 70 Grams of Opium.

Is a Doctor in the house? That would be our resident Medics. Crop harvesting can be laborious work, and regular brawling leaves many furres in poor condition. Medics are there to tend to injured and sick furres in the Clinic. Few are even capable surgeons as well. Slaves who are withdrawing in the pens are sometimes fortunate enough to be brought to the Clinic and detoxed properly, a job only Medics are qualified to do. Sub-Classes include Surgeons, Dentists, Pharmacists, Psychiatrists and Clinicians, all of which may be listed as members of the Medic Community.


Employment Command: *new-class noble
Weekly Wages: $x700

Nobles are the upper crust of society. While Blacksmiths are defined by the weapons they make and a stage actor is famous for their performances, a Noble is simply known for being who they are. These celebrities garner a great deal of attention when out in public. A visiting Noble helps boost the reputation of an establishment and increases business tenfold.

Nobles own a great deal of money, property and other assets. How they got into that position varies. They may be royalty from a far off land or someone who just recently came into money. They enjoy the finer things in life but do not typically hold that over others. Those who are well-mannered and sociable with their heart in the right place are the ones who gain the most loyal followers.


Employment Command: *new-class rogue
Weekly Wages: $x525

You're a sly one, and you know exactly how to get just what you want. With silent feet and swift hands, you've come to learn that the good life is closer than you ever thought it would be. You prowl in the night, looking for suckers to swindle. You are a magician with a special talent for disappearing acts. Most of the time, the payout is glorious. However, your timing must be flawless and your mind sharp to get away with the goods and gold others have worked so hard for. One wrong move could mean the end of the line and there is no room for error for the poor Rogue in a Club full of sharp-eyed bouncers and ruthless cartel members.


Employment Command: *new-class slave
Weekly Scavenge: 14 Grams of Opium.

The lowly Slave has one true "job" and that is to obey. After all, they have no choice but to take constant orders from those above them and that will end up being just about everybody else. It is often up for debate what the best use for a Slave might be, but that is a discussion for another time. As a slave, you'll just have to hope for a kind and merciful owner and learn as you go.

Unlike the other professions in Club Nimbus, slaves aren't allowed to carry any gold. If found, the underling will be punished and the confiscated gold given to whoever happens to owns the slave at that time. Slaves do receive menial "earnings" however, and it consists only of the couple grams of Opium they are able to scrounge from the filthy dungeon floors or elsewhere in the Club. The Opium they are able to collect can be traded for cleaner articles of clothing, less moldy bread, bandages and other items of interest.