A snowy Phoenix in the Ice Caves
Roleplay Areas
Notice: Club Nimbus has changed its policy and removed all IC/OOC guidelines. We ask that furres engaging in OOC discussion still be mindful of others in the area and not disrupt furres in a RP session.
  • Combat Rule = Combat Rule
  • Scents = Scents
  • Teleport Command = Teleport Command
Landing: Grand Ferian Gryffes drop new arrivals off at the entrance to Club Nimbus.
  • Combat Rule Forbidden.
  • Scents Fresh Cut Grass, Poppy, Pinewood, Birch, Lavender and Campfire.
  • Teleport Command *Landing
Dungeon: A dark dungeon with many cages and sub-rooms. The Blacksmith's forge is located nearby.
  • Combat Rule Allowed.
  • Scents Iron, Sweat, Fox and Musteline Musk, Cigarette Smoke.
  • Teleport Command *Dungeon
Forge: Just off the main Dungeon area is the Blacksmith's forge. This room is stocked with tools of the trade.
  • Combat Rule Permissable if no Blacksmith is on duty.
  • Scents Iron, Copper, Hot Embers, Ash.
  • Teleport Command *Forge
Stage Venue: The Stage is where all good performances are held. A small mini-bar is nestled in the corner.
  • Combat Rule Forbidden.
  • Scents Leather Upholstery, Ale, Cigar Smoke.
  • Teleport Command *Stage

Chapel: The serene Chapel is a place of meditation and prayer. Handfasting Ceremonies and Weddings are usually held here.

  • Combat Rule Forbidden.
  • Scents Candlewax, Burnt Sage, Incense.
  • Teleport Command *Chapel
Clinic: The Medical Clinic is where furres go to pick up their medicines or seek treatment for illness or injury.
  • Combat Rule Forbidden.
  • Scents Fresh Linens, Copper Equipment (Antimicrobial).
  • Teleport Command *Clinic
Library: The quiet Library houses a collection of local literature and other good reading.
  • Combat Rule Forbidden.
  • Scents Old and New Books, Burning Pinewood Log.
  • Teleport Command *Library
Dining Room: The Dining Room hosts a large banquet of delightful food with a staircase leading up to the Rooftop Deck.
  • Combat Rule Forbidden.
  • Scents Fresh Fruit, Wine, Smoked Ham, Baked Goods and Peppermint.
  • Teleport Command *Dining
Rooftop Deck: The Rooftop is where Transport Gryphons learn the ropes and duels are sometimes held.
  • Combat Rule Allowed.
  • Scents Birch Sap, Fountain Chlorine, Hibiscus, Violet.
  • Teleport Command *Roof
Bar: The upper Bar area (or Main Bar) is where you can order mixed drinks, treats and meals. This is the nexus of the Club that connects most of the other rooms and hallways together.
  • Combat Rule Small conflict and fist-to-fist combat is allowed if not drawn out.
  • Scents Ale, Wine, Grilled Steak, Fresh Baked Biscuits, Candlewax.
  • Teleport Command *Bar
Lower Bar Area: A Great Goldenbirch Tree decorates the center of the Lower Bar. A welcomer Aven sits by a small bar greeting newcomers to the Club.
  • Combat Rule Small conflict and fist-to-fist combat is allowed if not drawn out.
  • Scents Ale, Wine, Grilled Steak, Fresh Baked Biscuits, Candlewax, Birch, Fountain Chlorine.
  • Teleport Command *Bar
Sky Gardens: The Sky Gardens are connected by bridge to the Lower Bar Area of Club Nimbus. The Gardens are home to many species of plants, animals and fungi. The Burrows can also be accessed here.
  • Combat Rule Allowed.
  • Scents Fresh Cut Grass, Poppy, Pinewood, Birch, Lavender and Campfire.
  • Teleport Command *Gardens
Windy Ledge: From the glass door in the Game Room you can cross a bridge outside to reach the Windy Ledge. It's an unforgiving island where many trees have blown away in the gusts. The entrance to the Ice Caves is located here.
  • Combat Rule Allowed.
  • Scents Dry Grass, Rotted-Out Logs, Infested Tree Stumps, Pinewood.
  • Teleport Command *Ledge
Ice Caves: A frosty, maze-like Ice Cave decorated in gems and glistening ice. Few dare wander down into the depths of these caves.
  • Combat Rule Allowed.
  • Scents Solid Ice, Various Minerals.
  • Teleport Command *Ice
Burrows: Hidden Burrows can be located throughout the Sky Gardens. Each burrow can be marked with a message, decorated and enjoyed by anyone. Ferals especially love having a burrow to call home!
  • Combat Rule Allowed.
  • Scents Varies. Feral occupied scents include Fresh Berries, Twigs, Branches, Bone, Meat, Eggs, Carrion, Musk, Tree Bark and Droppings.
  • Teleport Command None. Burrows are scattered throughout the *Gardens.
Tea House: The Tea House is a quiet area with a fountain and cushions to sit and enjoy a hot cup of tea.
  • Combat Rule Forbidden.
  • Scents Ginger, Cinnamon, Oolong and Green Teas. Mild Incense and Opium Vapor.
  • Teleport Command *Tea
Bath House: The Bath House is a warm, steamy place to tidy up or unwind after a long day. The room just northwest leads out to the Sky Gardens.
  • Combat Rule Forbidden.
  • Scents Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon Zest, Light Musk, Mint, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Sweetgrass.
  • Teleport Command *Bath
Ballroom: At the lower end of the Stage Area is a Ballroom for dancing the night away.
  • Combat Rule Forbidden.
  • Scents Faint Perfume, Cologne or Light Musk.
  • Teleport Command *Dance
Massage Den: The Massage Parlor is for giving and getting massages. There are plenty of oils and incenses around for a truly relaxing experience.
  • Combat Rule Forbidden.
  • Scents Various Massage Oils, Citrus Lotion, Cocoa Butter, Incense (Sandalwood and Patchouli), Sage.
  • Teleport Command *Massage
Opium Den: The posh Opium Den is kept well stocked with Hookahs and pipes of all kinds with many luxurious cushions to relax on.
  • Combat Rule Forbidden.
  • Scents Opium Vapor, Light Incense and Rose Scented Candles.
  • Teleport Command *Opium Den
Toyroom: Down the stairs from the main bar is a basement that leads to the Massage Den and Bath House. In the center room are rows of vending machines with toys and quest items you can carry around with you.
  • Combat Rule Light Brawls are permissable.
  • Scents Steam, Damp Towels, Cigarette Smoke.
  • Teleport Command *Toyroom
Game Room: A stunningly blue room with a naughty variation of dice can be played here. There is a treehouse in the corner for extra privacy.
  • Combat Rule Forbidden. Sensual contact is allowed.
  • Scents Acai Berry, Pomegranite Oil, Blueberry, Fresh Air.
  • Teleport Command *Diceroom
Portal's Edge: Just off the lower end of the Game Room is a place to test, upload and show others your own dream creations!
  • Combat Rule Allowed.
  • Scents Fountain Chlorine, Fresh Air.
  • Teleport Command *Dreampad
Private Rooms: Thirteen beautifully decorated suites are found down the two hallways. You can lock your room up for added privacy.
  • Combat Rule Anything goes in Private Rooms.
  • Scents Varies. Clean Sheets, Warm Hearth, Pinewood, Candlewax, Musk, Incense and Rose Petals are common.
  • Teleport Command *Rooms
Lazy Lounge: This cozy fireside room is filled with pillows you can change by using F3 over them. This area is mostly OOC and casual, relaxed conversation but you may be able to find a roleplay partner or two here if you ask around!
  • Combat Rule Allowed.
  • Scents Light Musk, Warm Hearth, Hot Teas, Baked goods.
  • Teleport Command *Lounge
NodOff Room: This quiet little room to the side of the Opium Den is where you can go to afk or relax in relative privacy.
  • Combat Rule Forbidden.
  • Scents Opium Vapors, Fresh Linens.
  • Teleport Command *Idle
Waterfall Cave: There are a few hidden caves found behind the waterfalls on Nimbaterra. Shielded from the harsh winds, they made a good spot to gather friends and plot schemes.
  • Combat Rule Allowed.
  • Scents Fresh Water and Flora.
Commands: Also see Tab C for teleports and localspecies. Also type *Commands for the full list including special item creation.
  • *Pillow - Make a Pillow. F3 over the pillow to change it.
  • *Ball - Create a Ball.
  • *JoinRP - Join the Active RPers list.
  • *ViewRP - View the Active RPers list.
  • *Rules - Read the rules of the dream.
  • *Job - Employment Information.
  • *Credits - Artists & Developers.
  • *Mission - About Us.
  • *Help - Help Commands.
  • *Staff - Staff Members.
  • *Staffskill - Staff-Only Commands
  • *Teleports - Also located on the Main Map.
  • *Localspecies - Also located in Tab C.
  • *Dreamstats - Dream uptime and visitor count.
Staff Commands: Only Club Nimbus Staff can use these commands! Type *Staffskill for the full listing.
  • *Clean - Clean Up Toys.
  • *Tidy - Clear off the Bar Area.
  • *Bar - Enter the bar.
  • *Out - Exit the bar.
  • *Wallop - Next furre bumped will be thrown off a pillow in the lounge.
  • *PlayNice - Deactivate Wallop Command.
  • *Enslave - Next furre bumped will be sent to a cage.
  • *Noslave - Deactivate Enslave command.
  • *Change-Class <Furre> <Class> - Change a Furre's job.