Free Patches for Furcadia Dreams

Here are some patches I made that are sure to spice up any dream.

The usual rules apply, please credit me somewhere in your dream or website if you plan on using them. No matter how much you edit them, I am still the original artist. It would be a great disservice not just to me, but to all patch artists, not to give credit where it's due. It's a simple gesture and it means more people get to enjoy pretty things. Thank You!

Home and Bar Patches

Download Home Patches.

Here is a set of patches best suited for a home. They would work especially well in a build-a-home or club with private rooms. There is decor from various times and places including victorian, modern and oriental. Includes a four-piece bed with satin duvet, an expandable bed that can be made as big (or small) as you desire, couch with pillows, bookshelves, animated fireplace, bar counters, stairs, various seating, rugs, lighting and decorative plants. Includes walls, floors and a sample dream. Note: Many objects are in remappable colors so you can easily swap them to whatever you like in the Fox Editor using Ctrl+H.

Bondage and BDSM Objects

Download BDSM Bar.

In the beginning of 2013, a guest at Club Nimbus suggested that for my next free patch release, I come up with a set of BDSM stuff. Chains, whips, cages, bondage apparatus, the works. This patch set became so large I packaged it including a sample dream with walls and floors following the theme. My shading techniques have improved since then, so I reshaded a bunch of them, added a few new items and floors and redid the walls that needed attention. This set will certainly add some spice to any adult dream. Please remember to credit, even if you edit.

Seaside Tavern & Beach Patches

Download Beach Patches.

These are the original beach patches I made in the summer of 2013 for the Cove of Cinders. This dream went on to win First Place in Masters during the Festival of the Sun contest in Furcadia. This collection includes both day and night versions of the outdoor items and an ocean themed bar. This collection includes plenty of animated items and floors, cliffs, palm trees, tropical plants, shells, sand castles and all the patches you would need for a seaside tavern. There is also a sample dream.

Cavern Tavern

Download Cavern Tavern.

Caves don't always have to be dark and dreary. This is a colorful set of patches I was commissioned to do for a crystal cavern dream a few years ago. One of the owners unencrypted the dream for a couple months which leaked all of the work I had done. As a result, I polished up the patches I had made for them so they could be downloaded for free here. I strongly discourage folks from using any unencrypted files they may have grabbed from The Curve between April and September 2015. Download these instead. Although these cave patches were commissioned long ago, I made sure to get the okay from the commissioner to release them here. Like all other downloads on my site, these are free for anyone to use. I have also added a bunch of new walls, transitional rock-to-water floors, a crystal covered tree and some other new things.

Note: This set uses wobjects, which means instead of needing wall files (e.g; all of the "walls" are in the file. I prefer working with these to wall files because it allows you to have more choices and variety without the space limitations of wall files. The best way to familiarize yourself with wobjects is by studying the pieces in the sample dream. You can grab and copy any item in the dream editor by simply right clicking on it.

The Ultimate Nature Collection

Download Nature Patches.

Tired of the same old Wylde trees and logs that everyone and their uncle use in their dream? At last, here's some fresh foliage for your digs! These are all of my free nature and outdoor patches together in one massive collection. Contains over 240 objects and 225+ floors. Includes transitional grass, sand, dirt, lake, ocean and cave tiles with plenty of animations. The included sample dream showcases a variety of natural environments that can be created with just these patches.

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