Furcadia and the Zephiroth Map

A bit of back history

Although I spend most of my time working on patches when I'm active on furcadia, I also like to dream hop. Zephiroth is a public map that was added to Furcadia in 2002. The art was done by Kestrel, Oraclese and Marah'Fae with the dream created by Ridere. It has been my main character Tacoma's home since 2004. Sometimes, Lunati keeps me company on the secret couch. It's never been a terribly busy map so is perfect for casual chatting while doing art or other work.

Zephiroth is the kingdom in the sky, you can get there through the Vinca but only if you have wings. If not, you can have a friend "fly" you up there by summoning. Once you're up there you will be able to walk across the clouds from island to island (if you have wings). These platforms float freely in the sky. Every six hours, the sky changes from bright and cloudy to dark and starry. There are a few secrets about this map that make it unique.

The "secret" caves

They aren't so much of a secret anymore, but the creator (Ridere) intended them to be. It's actually very close to the entrance. Go across the entrance path until you reach the stone altar, then southeast through the grass where you'll reach the island's end. Walk across the clouds for a bit until you see a lake and waterfall, then a series of caves. Go into the dark hole facing the sky until you teleport into the caves. From there you can reach the top of a waterfall by climbing ladders. When the dream reloads, you can find three fur rugs and a big yellow dragon that can be picked up and carried/placed throughout the dream.

Magic pillows, Magic flowers.

You'll find a bunch of pillows and flowers in Zephiroth that you can pick up and carry with you or place in other areas if you feel decorative ;)

If you stand/sit/lay down over them without picking them up, and press F3, you can shuffle through different colors and patterns until you find one that suits you.The color of that flower or pillow won't change unless you F3 over it again, or someone else does.

The Secret Island

At some point after exploring awhile, you'll come to the ends of the map, blocked by unwalkable clouds. In a northeast area of Zephiroth, you'll also find an area that seems somewhat walkable but you can't get very far. This is the maze to the secret island, and if you don't know the way chances are you won't be able to get through without some help. It's an invisible maze, which makes it that much harder. The secret island isn't all that spectacular; there's some more trees, pillars, a rainbow and...a couch! Back when Zephiroth was still a popular hangout spot (2002-2006) the couch sometimes caused a bit of drama. Everyone wanted to sit on it but only two people could at a time. Due to its location, this area was also highly valued for its added privacy. However, Zephiroth is still a public map and anywhere you can get to, so can anyone else. The rules of public maps still apply so keep conversation clean, even if you're unsure if there are other furres present. You'd be surprised how many sneaky furres I've caught behind those trees! If you decide to stay for an extended period of time be prepared for visitors. Want to check it out yourself? I composed a map of the maze, using tables to show the path and how many times you need to move and in which directions. The yellow line is where you need to go to get to the end, at the very top. Good luck!

Click here to view the map.