Donations and Special Thank Yous

Our furcadia goals have been met, so any donations now go directly to pay the monthly dreamhost bill which is very difficult for me right now as I am ill and unemployed. In return I'll fill the site up with art, including smut, which a lot of folks seem to like. Lunati has been pressing me to open a patreon as she thinks I would do really well, but I have to break down some old mental barriers first.

In the meantime, we have our new domain and world package on furcadia, so Club Nimbus will remain open indefinitely! Thank you to Lunati and Elwood for getting us the second Dreamer Domain Package needed for our World Package For-Life!

What makes Club Nimbus special?

We offer an expansive, fully custom dream with patches and art seen nowhere else in Furcadia. Club Nimbus doesn't put annoying confirmation prompts at the entrance or make you pay extra for the good rooms. It doesn't require cookies or dragonscales to enter any of the 50+ dream areas. There are no distracting in-dream advertisements or annoying emits, only a multitude of beautiful areas for you, your friends and partners to enjoy.

Club Nimbus has friendly, dedicated staff members. All furres can participate in our rewarding job system, interact with NPCs and quests throughout the dream and roleplay anywhere they wish. There are no waiting lists or applications to "work" at the dream and everybody is welcome to choose a profession. Club Nimbus provides fun in-character and drama-free OOC environments where you can immerse yourself in rich roleplay or enjoy relaxed casual chat with active, helpful members.

No one is given special treatment here. Whether you are a well known roleplayer, artist, beekin, member of DEP, casual roleplayer or just joined Furcadia last tuesday, you are welcome and among friends.

Why should I donate?

By donating to Club Nimbus, you're helping us grow. Tacoma has her paws full as the sole artist, dreamweaver and webmaster which means donations will allow her to add new areas, games, local species and quests without having to work on outside commissions to fund Club Nimbus.

Web hosting is an ongoing monthly expense for us so every little bit can help us keep these resources online for our members. Show your support for the dedication, time and love poured into the dream and help make our little community even better by donating today!

Donations can be sent via paypal to tigressfire @

Special Thanks To:

Myrslok, Elwood Flickertail, Trily, Pukka, Autolycus, Lara, Melania, SylverNight & Moynelle!

Thank you to all past, present and future donors. We love you all!


Have any questions or suggestions for the dream and/or website? Email Tacoma at tigressfire at