Tacoma Cloudwing

Cloud Tigers

Tacoma is a Cloud Tiger, a species of feline renowned for being expert fliers who navigate by following stars in the night sky. This species is only a 'tiger' in name, due to the thick striping along their bodies, and are unrelated to any other known felid. They have enlongated tails with very heavy fur, closest to that of snow leopards. These stripes may range in color anywhere from a soft powdery periwinkle to a rich royal blue with dense white fur to protect against cold wind and icy conditions.

Expert aerial hunters, cloud tigers are speedy and adept fliers. In ancient times, they were able to harvest energy from lightning and store it within a specialized organ in their bodies. This stored electricity was used to take down prey quickly and efficiently. Cloud Tigers have evolved over time to gather energy from other sources, including stardust and various minerals. There are numerous applications for this energy which are limited only by the skill level of the individual. Little else is known about the species as a whole as they are low in numbers and tend to prefer solitude over communal living.


Tacoma herself has soft white fur wrapped in sky blue stripes. She has a lean hourglass figure with wide hips and round breasts. Her tail is long, thick and fluffy and ends in a sky blue tail-tip with a dot of white fur at the very end. Tacoma's lips, nose and inner ears are the same vibrant shade of blue as her stripes.

Her angelic wings point upwards when spread and have feathers in three different hues. The secondary feathers are the same sky blue as her stripes, primary coverts are softer powder blue and the lesser coverts are as snowy white as her fur. Tacoma's iridescent hair is silky and long, with chin-length sideswept bangs. She has a long ponytail pulled up on the top of her head with a metallic star hairtie.


Tacoma has a dominant, yet playful personality. She can be a little vain, taking pride in her appearance and abilities. In the right company, Tacoma can be flirtateous with a lewd sense of humor.

While confident in her skills, she rarely turns down an opportunity to learn something new and is always seeking to further her knowledge of Cosmic Magic, Natural Medicine and Technology.

Calm and reserved in social settings, Tacoma prefers to stick beside a small group of close friends over a large gathering. She's selective about the company she keeps and earning her trust can take considerable time. Tacoma will readily extend her loyalty to those who have proven themselves.

She's quick to pick up on the emotions of others, however subtle. She can tell when someone's being dishonest and will maintain a healthy distance from them. Apathy and laziness are extremely unattractive to her. Tacoma is sympathetic to the concerns of others, even those she does not necessarily see eye to eye with. Her generosity only goes as far as she feels she can trust an individual.

Tacoma prefers to observes a scene quietly from a distance before taking action. Likewise, she generally refrains from passing judgment until she's certain that she has enough information on the matter.

Determination is one of her greatest strengths. Once her mind is set on completing a task, she doesn't back down. Tacoma is well organized and orderly in her own affairs, but has trouble reaching out to others for help. Catastrophy often results from her taking on more duties than she can handle.

In difficult situations, Tacoma tends to act more stoic, preferring not to show too much emotion. As a child, she was more transparent with her feelings and was ridiculed for it. She values her solitude when she's in a reflective or sad mood.

While her demeanour may seem a bit distant and cold to outsiders, Tacoma loves and protects those dear to her with great passion. She would willingly throw herself in harm's way to keep a loved one safe.


Tacoma has a blue spiked collar around her neck, and occasionally a smaller one around her tail. Casual wear includes short skirts with fitted matching tops, striped stockings and knee-high leather buckle boots. For formal occasions, Tacoma wears a short fitted dress with fur-trimmed robe.

Tacoma's battle armor consists of a shimmering blue breastplate with matching shoulder and knee guards, armlets, sandals and a belt with inlaid turqouise. In especially dangerous areas, she will wear a head tie with poison-tipped demon horns for added defense.

The Starcaller

Tacoma is often found holding her staff, the Starcaller, which has undergone several revisions over her lifetime. The first version was carved from birchwood and adorned with phoenix feathers and leather straps. During her time working for Trixie, she was able to construct a more advanced model known as Starcaller v2 with navigational and precision enhancements to the weapon to allow for higher accuracy in battle. With this staff in her possession, Tacoma is able to call down starshowers and meteor storms to smite her enemies, or simply to put on a show.

Tacoma's enchanted staff, The Starcaller v1.

A Stranger from the Cosmos

Tacoma's abilities with the Starcaller have piqued the interest of an entity from the far reaches of space. During a dangerous battle where Tacoma was unsure if she should continue to fight, she had an encounter with this stranger from another world who, to her, resembled an otter. While Tacoma's memory of the event is fuzzy, she clearly recalls that the stranger had bioluminescent skin, webbed digits and a long tail. When she regained consciousness, Tacoma found a metallic star emblem in her hair.

Since then, she has felt a strange presence with her at all times. Tacoma can't seem to shake the feeling that she's being watched, but doesn't really mind. If anything, it's an excuse to put on more impressive displays for the secret member of her 'audience'.

Bringer of Storms:

Without the Starcaller, Tacoma's abilities are limited to the Storm school of magic. She's capable of summoning powerful lightning storms in battle. These abilities aren't the strongest offensively, but they can buy Tacoma time to make a strategic escape. Paralyzing bolts, harsh rain and obstructive snow give Tacoma the opportunity to launch a more devestating attack with her staff. She's capable of using Storm Magics so long as she has the energy stored for it. Energy can be pulled from the dust of stars, but requires the aid of the Starcaller.

Her energy reserves build as she gathers stardust. Unfortunately, when those reserves are full, she grows incredibly anxious and her heart rate increases to an uncomfortable level. To lower this energy, she must form something from the energy or shapeshift when she reaches her limit. Burning off excess energy keeps her body and mind in good shape.

Tacoma occasionally summons a gentle rain or flurry to follow her around when she's melancholy.


While Tacoma is capable of altering her appearance, the process drains a large amount of energy and she may require a day or two to recuperate afterwards. Unlike Glimm, Tacoma is limited to the same colors in her chosen shape. She's easily recognizable by her white and blue striping in any form which makes it nearly impossible to use her shapeshifting in a deceptive manner.

Tacoma uses her shapeshifting ability most often to alter the shape of her wings. Keeping the rest of her body the same, she alternates between primarily between two wing styles; large, umbrella-like feathered wings that point downward and smaller angelic wings that point upwards. Each wing style gives a distinct advantage. Different wing styles allow for higher altitude flight, faster speeds or increased stamina.

Tacoma possessed standard female anatomy until an intimate encounter with a futanari, or female hermaphrodite. The unstable DNA from her partner caused Tacoma's genitals to mutate to match their's. Tacoma tried to revert this in numerous ways to no avail. She eventually grew comfortable with the change and has now accepted it as a permanent part of her body.


Tacoma's enjoys listening to symphonic metal, smoking cigarettes and practicing her Cosmic Magic. She carries a small piece of bornite ore in one of her pockets. Bornite shines brighter the more tarnished it gets.

Tacoma loves both savory and spicy foods of all kinds. For desserts, she's partial to double chocolate muffins, frosted cookies and mint chocolate ice cream. Her favorite drinks include mint tea, bubble tea and cream soda. She avoids bitter herbs, cilantro and red meat.

She despises hot, damp weather more than any other kind and much prefers the dry, colder climate of Nimbaterra.

Tacoma's astrology spread.


The flirtateous Tacoma is attracted exclusively to other females. She's married to noble mouse Lunati. The two met in a city tavern at their former residence, the lower Isle of Zephyr. Lunati had just lost her childhood friend, Cassandra, while Tacoma recently broke up with her former business partner, Trixie. They took an immediate liking to one another, finding solace and great conversation in each other's company. It soon became a nightly ritual to meet up at the tavern and enjoy long discussions about whatever came to mind. In time, they fell madly in love and were inseperable.

Lunati and Tacoma were eventually handfasted and spent many years together on their native Isle of Zephyr. Lunati worked to perfect her Fae magic while Tacoma learned how to best apply Cosmic magic in battle. The two worked hard to master their spellcraft and used these skills to protect their hometown from invasion.

Eventually, a horrendous storm ravaged their home and the two were forced to embark on a difficult journey into the clouds to find the mythical Isles of Nimbaterra, where they now reside.

While Lunati and Tacoma are married, they're both open to the possibility of romantic relationships with other femmes. Tacoma finds Cassandra inexplicably beautiful, despite Cassandra's aggression and narcissism. This attraction troubles Tacoma who, unlike Lunati, believes that Cassandra will never change.

Life on Nimbaterra

Upon arrival, Lunati and Tacoma found many new forms of plant and animal life on the Isles of Nimbaterra. Most abundant were the isle's native poppies, which grew like weeds on every isle. Desperate for relief from an injury she sustained during the storm, Tacoma researched the poppies and found they could be harvested for their pain-relieving opium. Tacoma used this medicine to keep her pain under control, but quickly grew dependent on opium. Long after her injury had healed, she struggled to withdraw from it. This would complicate her life and strain relationships, but she would overcome it with time.

Meanwhile, as Tacoma recovered, Lunati organized transport to any other friends who had their homes devestated by the storm. Once Tacoma's injury healed, a construction team was hired to build homes on this newly established island. A tavern was opened to offer refreshment to builders and laborers. This became "Cloud Nine," a peaceful haven to retire to after a long day's work. Under the guidance of its founders, Cloud Nine would bloom into a popular resort as many travelers came to indulge in good food, alcohol and opium tea from the isle's native poppies.

Together, Lunati and Tacoma would maintain the isles, hiring guards and patrolling for thieves and pillagers. Life was uneventful for a time, but this peace would be short lived. Bouncer Blacktalon was terminated from Cloud Nine on allegations of murder and running an illegal gambling ring on the resort. In response, he formed the Cirrus Cartel. The increase in illicit activity prompted officials to ban the export of opium out of Nimbaterra which denied Cassandra pain medication for her dying father. Thus began the chain of events that led to Cassandra going completely mad, assembling Zengre and sending these constructs of war to ravage the Isles.

"Time can't heal all wounds, but with it comes new experiences, new friends, new soulmates and dreams to strive for. The first time my heart was broken, my blue skies faded away. But since that day, I've witnessed a breathtaking spectrum of new shades and hues; some dark, some bright, and there are still so many colors I've yet to see. The color of my own heart has changed as well, adapting to the new friends and faces I've met along the way. I found myself gravitating more towards those with love to give instead of apathy. I trust that the stars will guide me down the right path, that my heart will always lead the way to those who need me the most."