Several patrons relaxing in the Opium Den
Staff Members


Owners: Tacoma & Lunati.

Art and Dream Design: Tacoma.

Programming: Lunati & Tacoma.

Staff Perks

  • Entry into the Main Bar Area. (Guests can only enter the Stage Bar).
  • Idle anywhere without being sent to the NodOff Room.
  • Access to Testers Island. Testers Island is where we put new patches before public areas get them. Private Dreams can be hosted here.
  • Choice of sound from the default folder and held item when you arrive in the dream (by request).
  • Arrive in the dream as one of our local species (by request).
  • Ability to send furres to the dungeon with *Enslave command. (by request)
  • Ability to spawn gold & treats for events.


A Note to Staff Members about Social Affairs

Greetings, Staff Members!

I know CN has been really busy lately. Not only are we seeing a surge of new guests, but some old friends are discovering the dream and joining us, too.

Drama and sour social affairs are not a new concept on Furcadia. They are so commonplace and yet so dangerous to a community. Many people log on each day almost expecting some kind of new problem to arise.

As most folks are aware, Club Nimbus is a drama-free environment. We don't tolerate negativity and social conflicts are usually put to rest before they become a distraction. Scammers, beggers and obvious trolls don't even stand a chance. The rules clearly state not to start, spread or revive drama from another place or time.

Let's be real here, problems do arise from time to time. No social community on the face of the earth is exempt from this. When conflict brews, staff should not take sides or they risk losing their privileges. Assess the situation, warn both parties involved to cease the conversation or take it to whisper and, if misconduct occurs, show the offenders to The Vinca Nexus. Any ejects should be accompanied by a whisper to the ejected furre(s) with a reason why they were booted and, if a temp ban is issued, a date when they will be allowed to return.

Keep in mind these guidelines don't cover all offenses and are for first time offenders only. If someone has repeatedly broken a rule they are looking at a permanent ban.

  • Starting, continuing or reviving drama - 1-3 days.
  • Intentional Trolling to disturb or upset others - 1-2 weeks.
  • Purposely insulting someone in the dream (Directed profanity, name calling) - 1-2 months.
  • Racial or Homophobic Slurs - 3-6 months.
  • Sexual Harassment - 3-6 months.
  • Please whisper Tacoma or Lunati with the message you have given to the furre so we can issue the ban and lift it when necessary. Once again, STAY NEUTRAL TO CONFLICTS and DO NOT TAKE SIDES.

    If all parties involved are following the rules, there is nothing for you to be concerned with. Obvious instigators should be ejected immediately and anyone who continues past a warning, regardless of affiliations, will also be removed from the dream.

    Just because you don't personally like somebody does not give you an excuse to eject or banish them from the dream. If you remember an individual poorly from another community or dream on Furcadia, you have no right to judge them here based on that fact alone. Only their actions in Club Nimbus can truly determine if they are fit to be here.

    However, if enough people are upset by someone's presence we will have to evaluate the situation. If allowing someone to remain in the dream is a detriment to the community, they may be removed due to public disturbance. If ten people are leaving a room because of one person, we may have to trust the judgment of the majority. Each person and case is different but we will always do our very best for the people who genuinely care about the dream.

    A lot of folks seem to forget the ignore feature exists. Type ignore [name] without brackets anywhere in Furcadia and you shall never hear another peep from them again if you choose.

    Don't want to be around someone after you ignore them? Spend a little while cooling off in another area of the dream. If this is disturbing a roleplaying session for more than one individual, staff action may be required. This will usually be in the form of a temporary ban. Permanent bans are something none of you should EVER take lightly.

    We hope that the social end of Club Nimbus remains a safe and enjoyable space for everyone. You may vent about your problems, you can speak freely about what's on your mind, what's bothering you, and we won't judge. But please be mindful of others and treat them with the same level of respect that you hope to receive.

    A great big thank you to everyone who is helping make Club Nimbus a fun and refreshing place to be.