Several patrons watching a show on the stage
Setting the Stage for Roleplay

Beginning Your Journey

Whether you're new to furcadia or just our community, you might not know where to begin in the world of roleplaying. Here is an exercise I came up with that might help you discover a bit more about the character you're playing and hopefully give your character some "roots" from which they can grow. If there is more demand for something like this, I would be glad to provide an extensive version with more advanced questions. For now, I hope this proves helpful to those just starting out on their journey in Nimbaterra.


  1. How did your character first discover the Isles? When they initially came to Nimbaterra, what were they hoping to find? If they were a traveling merchant, what type of wares or services did they offer? What do they offer now?
  2. Is your character a spy, a visiting patron or a full fledged resident? Do they live and work within the Club?
  3. Where is your furre's favorite 'haunt?' Do they roam the gusty wilds of the windy ledge or seem to be perpetually glued to a certain barstool? Does your character have a favorite seat in the Opium Den, or do they prefer to gather with friends in the treehouse?
  4. Is your character aware of the politics within the Dungeon? Are they affiliated with the Cirrus Cartel in any way or are they repulsed by the entire organization and its affairs?
  5. Does your character own any assets or property in the Club? This can include a bank account and gold savings from the job system. Is there something from the vending machine that they always seem to have on hand? Do they have a favorite drink from the bar? Is there a particular pillow they carry around all the time? Do they own any slaves, mounts or pets and if so, what are their names?
  6. In terms of personality, would you consider your character outgoing, introverted or somewhere in between? Are they boisterous event organizers or shy, solitary observers?
  7. Does your character have any family or friends in Nimbaterra? If so, what business do they have on the Isles?
  8. How does your character react to conflict? This could be physical, verbal or territorial. If your character witnesses an unfair fight or injustice occur, would they dare intervene?
  9. Where does your character sleep or otherwise go to be alone? Do they have a preferred resting spot or room inside the Club, somewhere outdoors or do they retire to an airship docked nearby?
  10. If your character has any goals or motivations on Nimbaterra, what are they?