The Specifics

  • Species: Cloud Tiger
  • Occupation: Founder and Guardian of the Nimbaterra Isles.
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 129 lbs.
  • Birthdate: August 10th
  • Astrology Spread: Here.
  • Sexuality: Queer/Females Only.
  • Build: Average, firm.
  • Breasts: 38 D.
  • Eyes: Icy Blue.
  • Fur: Snow white.
  • Hair: Long hair tied up into a top ponytail with a starry hairtie. Chin-length sideswept bangs with a violet to sky blue gradient.
  • Tail: Longer than average for a tiger, very fluffy (similar to a snow leopard's).
  • Markings: Thick sky blue stripes. No stripes on her nose, cheeks, belly, breasts, genitals or palms.
  • Wardrobe (Battle): Poison-Tipped Demon Horns, Blue Leather Body Harness and Gloves, Fur-Lined Robe, Steeltoe Boots.
  • Wardrobe (Casual): Sleeveless Top & Matching Pleated Skirt.
  • Wardrobe (Sexy): Corset, Silk Panties, Striped or Fishnet Stockings.
  • Likes: Solitude, Snow, Stars, Bornite, Poppies, Mint, Cigarettes, Sweets, Warm Bread.
  • Dislikes: Greed, Dishonesty, Wastefulness, Hot Weather, Insects, Cilantro, Dirt, Red Meat.
  • Abilities: Shapeshift, Mental Clone, Storm Magic (Rain, Snow, Wind, Lightning), Starbound (Cosmic Magic, with Staff only).


In the beginning of time, there was a great war between three dieties. The goddess of wind, Aria, who rules over all the birds of the sky, the hermaphrodite goddess of shadow, Maura, who created cats and other nocturnal predators, and the jealous, chaotic god of the ninth moon, Sethos. Maura fell madly in love with Aria, who was so beautiful to Maura that she made a tiger with fur as soft and white as clouds. This would introduce the genes for white or snow tigers.

Sethos saw this and grew mad with jealousy, as he had always desired Aria for himself. His rage was the catalyst for entropy, which would slowly tear the universe apart. As a final blow to Maura, Sethos put a curse on her children, that they would never be satisfied, and would be as jealous as he was. They fought to the death, warring for millenia, and as they evolved they became brutal and bloodthirsty, killing for pleasure.

Aria saw this darkness in Maura's children and rejected her love. The cats of the earth grew jealous of the birds, being able to take off and fly away from them. Maura's heart was broken by this outcome. She had no knowledge that this was the work of Sethos, and slowly went insane mulling over what had gone wrong.

In her despair, she caught Aria alone one evening while Aria was forming clouds to send down to earth. Maura, still mad with lust for Aria, forced herself onto the wind goddess. Aria was impregnated with Maura's child. This child was Eurus, the first gryphon, a hybrid of bird and cat, that would go on to rule the skies. The offspring of Eurus would be loyal allies in combat and sky transport. As a result, Gryphons are typically regarded as a force of goodness and truth. They are a seed of light that had sprouted from despair.

Development and Childhood

On the Isle of Zephyr, a biochemist named Sky worked for years to conceive a child. He wanted his offspring to take over his life's work and eventually retire in comfort. Sky specialized in studying mutations, and a select few of his experiments morphed into attempts to produce offspring of his own.

Sky's first successful experiment resulted in the birth of Tacoma. With his genetic material and the ovum of a snow tiger, a viable fetus was produced and it grew. Sky's alterations caused a strange trait to develop in the fetus. DNA identical to that found in gryphons formed independendly in Tacoma's biological blueprint. The fetus grew small feathered wings, and a hidden ability that would not be realized for some years after her birth.

Sky was irritated with the results, and debated whether or not to terminate the project but by this point, Tacoma's development was nearly complete. Sky settled on raising her for a time to see if she could be of any aid to him. This, of course, did not happen. The fiery young tigress had her own desires and skills, and was fascinated more by the world around her than her father's studies. Her ability to shapeshift only further reminded Sky of his failure, and he locked her out of his life as soon as she was old enough to fend for herself.


Tacoma would go on to train herself in combat, the knowledge of natural medicine and biology. She can harness small amounts of elemental energy in her staff, the Starcaller. Tacoma has also had some sword training, but was never particularly adept at it.

As a young adult, Tacoma wandered into a nearby city to find company. There, she met the canine vigilante, Trixie. The two dated for a time, but parted ways after some moral conflicts surfaced. Tacoma, alone and confused, stumbled into a quiet tavern one night. Here, she met the noble mouse, Lunati. The two took immediate solace in each other's companionship. Lunati had just lost her childhood friend Cassandra and Tacoma still hurt from her falling out with Trixie. It became a nightly ritual for the two, meeting up at the tavern and enjoying long conversations about whatever came to mind. In time, they fell madly in love and were inseperable.

Lunati and Tacoma were eventually handfasted and made a life together on the Isle of Zephyr. They spent many peaceful years mastering spellcraft and combat training until the day a horrendous storm ravaged their home. Tacoma was injured when her leg was crushed by falling debris. While keeping Tacoma company and tending to her wounds, Lunati recalled a story she heard as a child about the fabled Isles of Nimbaterra, a series of small, remote islands in the sky. Despite the fresh injury, Tacoma decided to make the journey with Lunati to Nimbaterra at once. The life they had built together laid in ruins around them, and they had absolutely nowhere else to go.

Upon arrival they found many new forms of plant and animal life. Most abundant were the isle's native poppies, which grew like weeds on every isle. Desperate for relief from her painful injury, Tacoma researched the poppies and found they could be harvested for their pain-relieving opium. Tacoma used this medicine to keep her pain under control, but quickly grew dependent on opium. Long after her injury had healed, she struggled to stop taking it. This would complicate her life and strain relationships, but she would overcome it with time.

Meanwhile, as Tacoma recovered, Lunati organized transport to any other friends who had their homes devestated by the storm. Together, they would hire builders to establish new homes on this newly discovered island. A tavern was opened to offer refreshment to builders and laborers. This became "Cloud Nine," a peaceful haven to retire to after a long day's work. Under the guidance of its founders, Cloud Nine would bloom into a popular resort as many travellers came to indulge in good food, alcohol and opium tea from the native poppies.

Together, Lunati and Tacoma would maintain the isles, hiring guards and patrolling for thieves and pillagers. For a time, life was uneventful but this peace would be very short lived. Bouncer Blacktalon was terminated from Cloud Nine on allegations of murder and running an illegal gambling ring on the resort. In response, he formed the Cirrus Cartel, halting the export of opium and denying Lunati's childhood friend, Cassandra, much needed opium for her dying father. This kicked off the chain of events that led to Cassandra going mad, building Zengre and sending these constructs of war to ravage the Isles.

Tacoma shines.

Tacoma's Personality

Tacoma is quiet and stoic, preferring not to show too much emotion. As a child, she was more transparent with her feelings and was mocked for it. These days, she's more secretive and prefers to keep things to herself, sometimes to the point of it causing her grief and pain. While her demeanour can seem bitter and cold at times, she loves and protects those dear to her with great passion and would willingly throw herself in harm's way to keep a friend safe.

Tacoma is highly intuitive and can pick up emotions quickly after just a short time around someone. She's not easily deceived and is keen to catch the ulterior motives of others . She can usually tell when someone isn't being honest or trustworthy and doesn't allow them to get too close. Tacoma is fiercely loyal and generous once someone has proven themselves a trusted ally.

Tacoma values solitude. Finding time to be alone with her thoughts and meditate on current events is absolutely crucial to her well-being.

Tacoma's Abilities

Tacoma's greatest strength is her adaptability. She can shapeshift at will but the process is both physically and mentally taxing. It's easier for her to transform when faced with an immediate threat that requires split-second decision making, as elevated levels of adrenaline help aid in the shapeshifting process.

Tacoma didn't always have full control of her shapeshifting abilities, and this often got her into trouble. As a result of Sky's DNA alteration, Tacoma's body is extremely sensitive to changes in her environment. She possessed standard female anatomy until an intimate encounter with a futanari, or female hermaphrodite. The DNA from her partner caused Tacoma's sex organs to mutate to match their's. Tacoma tried to revert this with the help of future partners, but has not been successful. Eventually, she came around to her new form and is now content with the changes.

One of Tacoma's most useful traits lets her copy abilities from allies and foes alike which lets her try out new schools of magic. This is her Mental Clone skill, which temporarily copies the personality of a target to gain their attributes for a short time. Her most powerful natural spells are in the Storm school of magic. Storm magic allows her to summons rainclouds, cause torrential floods, lightning storms and blizzards.

Tacoma's enchanted staff, The Starcaller.

Tacoma is often found holding her polished birchwood staff, the Starcaller. The Starcaller is adorned with phoenix feathers, leather straps and a glowing crescent moon emblem. She crafted The Starcaller as a child and carries it with her to this day. With this staff, she's able to call down shooting stars and meteor storms from the heavens to strike down her enemies, or simply to put on a show.

During a dangerous battle where Tacoma was unsure if she should continue to fight, she had an encounter with a stranger from another world who, to her, resembled an otter. While Tacoma's memory of the event is fuzzy, she clearly recalls that the stranger had bioluminescent skin and a tail like an otter's. When she regained full consciousness, she found a starry emblem in her hair, the only tangible evidence she can produce from the meeting. Since then, she has felt a strange presence with her at all times, as though she's being observed, and her abilities when used with the Starcaller have greatly improved.

Tacoma's skin spirit, Kettu. Tacoma used to have short, spiky hair.

Skin Spirits

Tacoma sometimes wears a scarf (named Kettu, finnish for fox) made from a whitemark fox pelt that occasionally, and briefly, comes to life to help Tacoma make difficult decisions. These spirits use the experiences from their past lives to guide the living. Kettu speaks usually by nodding or shaking her head. To communicate a direction she lifts a paw or swishes her tail.

The magic responsible for animating these skin spirits is similar to that used by Cassandra to animate her armies of Zengre. Skin Spirits can be chaotic, evil or good. The wisdom a skin spirit has gained in their lifetime can be used to influence the living. If a trap lies ahead, the good spirit will see and urge its holder to take a detour. A chaotic spirit rarely cooperates, preferring to confuse or distract its holder. Who the skin spirit was in life has very little relevance to their mission in the spirit world. Instead, the way in which they died determine if they will be a detriment to their owner or a loyal partner. A creature that wasn't ready to leave the world will generally be chaotic or hostile. Hostile spirits actively lead their holders into dangerous situations. The moment a spirit is discovered to be hostile, the skin is promptly destroyed.

As the decades (or centuries) pass, even a well preserved skin deteriorates and returns to the earth. Once this happens, the magic responsible for the skin spirit's presence dissipates and the spirit returns to the earth to be born anew. A skin that is brittle and easily torn has already lost its spirit and will not return to this form.


Tacoma has an extremely long and fluffy tail ending in a large, prominent blue spot with a white tip. Her paw pads are an iridescent cobalt blue that shimmer in the light. When spread, her wings point upwards and have feathers in three different hues. The secondary feathers are the same sky blue as her stripes, primary coverts are softer powder blue and the lesser coverts are as snowy white as her fur. In the summer, these smaller feathers are flecked in light grey spots, an adaptation of Cloud Tigers that may help them sneak up on prey in warmer months.

Shapeshifting Forms

  Anthro (Default) Feral Tiger Gryphon
Species Hybrid Cloud Tiger Gryphon
Weight 129 lbs. 224 lbs. 404 lbs.
Size 5'7" 8 ft. in length. 12 ft. in length.
Tail Length 47 inches. 64 inches. 70 inches.
Wingspan 9 feet. 14 feet. 22 feet.
Diet Plant-Based. Carnivorous. Omnivorous.