Birthday: August 10th
  Anthro Form Feral Form Gryphon Form
Species Cloud Tiger Hybrid Cloud Tiger Gryphon
Weight 210 lbs. 315 lbs. 620 lbs.
Size 5'10" 8 ft. in length. 12 ft. in length.
Tail Length 58 inches. 72 inches. 70 inches.
Wingspan 14 feet. 21 feet. 29 feet.
Diet Obnivorous. Strictly meat. Everything.

The Cloud Tiger

The Cloud Tiger is very similar to the Siberian Tiger. It has a heavy coat suited for cold environments, thick pawpads and, like all felines, a taste for meat. Unlike the Siberian Tiger, they have iridescent blue paw pads which are cleaned meticulously during the breeding season. Both males and females are more attractive to each other when their paws shine the brightest. When a potential mate is discovered, the two will sniff and investigate front and back feet to determine if they are a match.

The most distinguishable feature of Cloud Tigers are the large avian-like feathered wings that connect at the shoulder. These wings allow them flight at altitudes up to 29,000 feet. Their camoflage blends in perfectly with both cloud cover and snow. For a quick aerial meal, they may snatch up a migratory bird mid-flight and begin eating on their journey back to solid ground. If there is still viable meat on a carcass after a tiger is full, they will fly to a tree with good coverage and stash it among the leaves for later. During the winter months when trees are barren, Cloud Tigers will bury the remainder of their meal in a snowbank away from wolves and other scavengers.

Cloud Tiger stripes range in color from light grey to dark blue. An individual can be traced back to its home range and clan by identifying the exact hue of its stripes.

Tacoma's DNA

Tacoma shares DNA with both a female cloud tiger and her father, Dr. Skylion. Some of her DNA was altered by Skylion for reasons that were never made clear. Tacoma later found that she was able to shapeshift with varied results, a trait neither Cloud Tigers or her father's species are able to do.

While shapeshifted, there is usually a limit of time before she must return to her natural (anthro, tigress) form. She may only shapeshift into a feral creature, and not another humanoid or anthro form. There is no time limit when shifting into any species in the felidae family. Amazingly enough, this include gryphons as they are part feline. Gryphons are much more powerful fliers, but they require more frequent and caloric sustenance. Her natural form is generally more efficient for prolonged periods of time.


Tacoma's eye color changes from grey to green to bright blue depending on her mood. Like shapeshifting, this is another side effect of Sky's DNA alteration. Her fur is a snowy white with sky blue stripes covering her entire body. These stripes fade to white on her throat, chest, stomach and the undersides of her arms and legs. Her build is chunky but athletic with muscular legs and toned arms. Tacoma's belly is round and pudgy with wide hips and broad, boyish shoulders.

She has an extremely long and fluffy tail ending in a large, prominent blue spot with a white tip. Her paw and digit pads are an iridescent cobalt blue, a trademark of Cloud Tigers. Her wings when spread point upwards slightly and have feathers in three different hues. The secondary feathers are the same sky blue as her stripes, primary coverts are softer powder blue and the lesser coverts are as snowy white as her fur. In the summer, these smaller feathers are flecked in light grey spots. This is a camoflage trait that all Cloud Tigers share.

Tacoma's hair is short and spiky in the back with long chin-length bangs that frame her face. Her hair color starts out a dark blue at the roots and fades into a gradient of either lime green, light blue or purple, depending on how she has it dyed. She has two facial piercings, one in her left eyebrow and a round labret or bottom lip piercing. When she wears ear jewelry, they are always two half-inch tunnels, one though each earlobe. They can be seen through.

Tacoma's enchanted staff,The Starcaller.

Her casual clothing is very boyish and attire usually includes somewhat baggy jeans with tons of pockets or zippers, a band t-shirt, light overshirt or hoodie, wrist band and sneakers. Formal attire ranges from men's suits to her iridescent silk robe with fox fur trim. She also sometimes wears a heavy velvet robe, similar to a mage or wizard's, with an enchanted headband made out of impala horns. The latter outfit is usually reserved for combat. When travelling through the wilderness, she can be found wearing fur-trimmed hiking boots and holding her polished birchwood staff, the Starcaller. The Starcaller is adorned with phoenix feathers, deerhide straps and a glowing crescent moon emblem. She crafted The Starcaller as a child and still carries it with her to this day.

Skin Spirits

Tacoma sometimes wears a scarf (named Kettu, finnish for fox) made from a whitemark fox pelt that occasionally, and briefly, comes to life to help Tacoma make difficult decisions. Kettu speaks usually by nodding or shaking her head. To communicate a direction she lifts a paw or swishes her tail. All life must return to the earth, in accordinance with the laws of nature, but Skin Spirits are a very special exception. Those who have gained enough wisdom through life can use their knowledge of the world to guide or trick the living.

The magic responsible for animating these skin spirits is the same used by Necromancer Cassandra to animate her armies of Zengre. But unlike the dark magic used to animate Zengre, Skin Spirits can be good, bad or chaotic depending on a couple factors. The wisdom a skin spirit has gained in their lifetime can be used to influence the living. If a trap lies ahead, the Spirit will see and urge its holder to take a detour. Who the skin spirit was in life has very little relevance to their mission in the spirit world. Instead, the way in which they died determine if they will be a detriment to their owner or a loyal spirit guide. A creature not ready to leave the world will generally be chaotic or hostile.

Eventually as the decades (or centuries) pass, even a well preserved skin deteriorates and returns to the earth. Once this happens, the magic responsible for the skin spirit's presence dissipates and the spirit returns to the earth to be born anew. A skin that is brittle and easily torn has already lost its spirit, and they will never return to their former skin again.


Tacoma has a shy, reflective personality and is easily lost in thought. Large gatherings make her uncomfortable, even if she knows everyone there. In her comfort zone, she is talkative, has a good sense of humor and tries her best to give everyone equal attention.

She is androgynous and prefers the company of male friends and female love interests. Drama and trivial social conflicts have no place in her life and she is quick to defuse them when they crop up. Tacoma goes to great lengths to make others smile, even if she isn't feeling so great herself. She is known to play tricks on her friends with her shapeshifting ability. She especially loves making them laugh and thinks that the world would be a better place if everyone took things less seriously.

Tacoma has a black labrador plush toy named Rex that, even as an adult, she still takes to bed with her. A child at heart, she loves things that glow or change colors and, like all Cloud Tigers, is attracted to shiny or shimmering objects. She has a hoard of small crystals, shells and feathers that struck her as particularly beautiful on her travels.

She is organized to the point of being almost obsessed with order in all things. During rough times, she turns to Opium for its mood lifting qualities. She is quick to grow dependent on things that bring her joy, but is rightfully cautious with mind altering chemicals. Growing up in Dr. Sky's laboratory, she learned a great deal about medicines, both natural and synthetic, and is often dubbed "The Pharmacist" by close friends.

Tacoma is fiercely loyal and generous to those who treat her well and believes it's important to help others down on their luck. She can read people like a book after just a short time around them and learns their motivations quickly. Tacoma can usually tell when someone isn't being honest or trustworthy and doesn't allow those types to get too close to her.

As an artist with a special love of the natural world, Tacoma can usually be found outside with a sketchbook in her lap. She is the lead architect for Club Nimbus, a famous resort built on the Isles of Nimbaterra. When conditions allow, she still loves climbing up into a big old tree with her pencils and goes to work sketching her surroundings.

Recurring depression may cause her to hide away from public sight but it is merely a coping mechanism. She eventually bounces back after a period of extended solitude as though nothing had ever happened. Being alone lets Tacoma reflect and recover from stress. Solitude is absolutely essential to her well-being.

A Personal Note

Just as Tasmin has her role in my life, Tacoma represents my inner strength and perseverance. She is the part of me that, despite life's trials, will always pull through better than ever after troubled times. She has been a popular figure in my drawings since I was ten years old. Tacoma is less secretive than Tasmin, as she has much less to hide from others. She is relatively pure of heart, and kind to others even if they do not share her empathy. It's easy to see why Tacoma has been a part of my life for so long, she is easy to love and has many qualities that I admire and strive for in the real world.