Noble Fae, Lunati the Mouse
    Story by Lunati with Art by Tacoma.

    Lunati is small mouse with blue speckled spots, white fur, and a pair of butterfly wings. She grew up on the mainland Isle of Zephyr, far below the floating islands of Nimbaterra. Her family belongs to a minor Noble house in the Courts of the Fae, with Lunati being first in line to become the next Baroness of her family's lands.

    Growing up, her family ran her through many tutors, lectures, and classes in etiquette so she could learn to be a proper Baroness when the time came. She was taught the ways of intrigue, politics and how to avoid assassination attempts. Lunati's education consisted of extensive schooling and she remained diligent in all of her studies. She loved socializing and making new friends, but few stuck around for very long. While friends came and went, a white ermine named Cassandra remained by her side longer than anyone else. The two shared all the secrets and stories they had over the years and their bond grew stronger with each passing day.

    Cassandra endured bullying and abuse from her peers over her appearance, hobbies and whatever else her assailants could find to humiliate her. Lunati, greatly troubled by this, would walk her friend home from school as often as she could. On the days she was absent, Cassandra had to fend for herself. Cassandra didn't want to fight, she just wanted to be on her way and arrive home safely.

    Pressure mounted as family piled more and more responsibilities on Lunati, along with decisions affecting minor games between the Houses of the Fae. The stress from her noble duties bled into the rest of her life. She shared her stories with Cassandra, who grew protective as the years passed. Cassandra saw Lunati as her safety net, the only one who would never let harm come to her. She followed Lunati around like a little lost puppy.

    Eventually, Lunati's family began introducing her to potential suitors. Her family wanted her to marry for useful political connections, to continue the family name and strengthen the bond between the House of the Fae and other nobility. A long trail of lords and ladies formed, trying to win Lunati's favor. She turned all of them down, having neither the patience nor desire for romance at this time. Nobody had any connection to her and any marriage with another noble would end up shallow and loveless. With all her free time swallowed by family obligations, dread began gnawing away at her. Lunati knew she would have to make a decision eventually.

    Lunati was frustrated, unsure of what to do. In all of this horrible madness, she turned to her best friend. Cassandra, hurt that Lunati wasn't in her life as often as before, snapped at her. She was troubled enough by her own pain and felt as though Lunati had abandoned her. Cassandra could no longer sympathize with her friend. They never walked home anymore, they rarely talked, and Lunati was spending all of her time on this stupid courting. Cassandra told Lunati to stuff all of this noble nonsense, spend more time with her, because none of it mattered at the end of the day. They argued, and Lunati was driven to tears. Her heart broke as she was pushed away by her best friend.

    Left isolated by her stress, Lunati became reclusive and stopped talking to family and friends entirely. Each day passed in silence. She spoke just enough to answer her teachers and finish her studies. Family continued to press her, until one day, after her studies were complete, she packed her belongings and left home late at night. On her travels, she wandered into a tavern on a whim and decided to stay the night.

    During her stay, she met a blue and white tigress named Tacoma who gave her a friendly ear. They talked about their troubles, the lost friends and broken love, and slowly bonded over heartbreak. They fell in love, and at last, Lunati found someone she could spend her life with.

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