A bouncy weasel playing with toys from the vending machines
Updates Log

Content Updates


Waterfalls can now be walked into! There are three hidden waterfall caves, see if you can find them all. Many beds have been made larger. Mysterious Crates have popped up around the club. If you drink a potion from them, your character will shrink in size. A few lights and cushions have been reshaded as well. If you find any bugs, please report them to Tacoma!


Some of the smaller islands in the Sky Garden drifted too far apart, breaking our bridges. It was time for a long overdue redesign of the Garden and we hope you will find it less cluttered and easier to navigate, too. Our Gryofalco smileys are much more expressive now. A few new beds and plants have been added. The much neglected ballroom has been converted into a kickass Brawler's Club for furres who enjoy a little combat. Our theatre has been updated with some nicer wooden stage pieces. Finally, there is a special hangout for members of the Cirrus Cartel just off the entrance to the dungeon.


32-Bit Update! Many many patches have been recolored with richer color palettes and scaled up for an upcoming furcadia update.


Most of our local species have had graphical edits to their avatars, correcting any positioning issues in the process. The Cindercove Phoenix now has its own separate portrait set from the (also updated) regular Phoenix portraits. A few new NPCs have been found throughout the dream. It helps to have a bank account if you wish to collect any gold or opium rewards from them. Recovering the Orb of Infinity now has a proper gold reward if you show it to the right NPC! The Windy Ledge now has larger rocks for climbing. An Intensive Care unit has been added to the Clinic, this is an area where surgery and other serious medical treatment can be provided. A very well hidden bug where default Bovines were turned into our Werewolves was discovered and now all Bovine players should show up correctly.


Many LocalSpecies have had animation fixes. Mini-Gryffes have had their wings upgraded. Portraits have been fixed for many species. Small graphical updates have been completed throughout the dream.


The winter holidays are upon us and festive holiday decorations once again adorn the Club. A new animation was added for the Frost Vodka effect. Wings have been repositioned and shaded on our Grand Ferian Gryphons.


New friends are here for fall! Two new species have arrived in Nimbaterra, the Ermine and the Opossum. These are permanent local species and will be available year round. Extra frames have been added to moving items and all animations move more smoothly throughout the dream. Many plants and water effects have been redone along with the addition of new bridges in the Sky Gardens. A bug in the toyroom has been fixed and the plushie vending machine will now dispense properly. Two additional colors themes were added to the Pillow Pit (Red and Purple). Sugar gliders have replaced squirrels in outdoor areas. A few polar items received a long overdue makeover. Halloween items have been put away and Christmas decorations will be put out at the end of November.


The Halloween Decorations are out once more with something new. Drinking from the cauldron has the side-effect of turning furres into bats! The Harpy Avatar is now available to all players under Tab C. The Pillow Pit (OOC Area) has a new feature. If you bump the lamp, you have the option of paying 100 Gold Pieces to change the color scheme of the room. Right now they can only be swapped between Blue/Rainbow (default) and Green/Black. More colors will be available after this trial phase!


Summer is in full swing on the isles and the heat is intense. Stop on by the bar and try our newest drink, the Crystal Chiller! It has a unique effect that was sponsored by Sylvernight!


Spring has sprung! New DS added to the Lazy Lounge to allow quick movement past any furres blocking your way. With the rebirth of nature we felt it was time to introduce the Cindercove Phoenix as our newest local species! Their origins can be found on the Species page, with a full bestiary entry in the works. New back-facing pillows in the Lounge better match the existing furniture, with some cozy tea tables added. Egg Baskets decorate many of the areas in the dream during the month of April!


New plants, rock pool & decorations for the garden to celebrate the coming of Spring! Gravedigger's Gin has been added to the bar for the more sinister souls among us. Kangaroo local species have earned themselves a long overdue makeover. The library has gotten a bit more interesting, too!


Happy New Year, Nimbians! There are some Lunar Near Year decorations around the bar, pillow pit and dining area. Male dragons and female gryphons also have shiny new default portraits!


It's the month of The Divine Harvest! Festive holiday decorations can be found throughout the Club. Boulders blocking off a mysterious cave on the Windy Ledge have fallen to reveal the Cave of Endless Winter! A couple new trees have been added to the Sky Gardens and the Bath House has received a couple small upgrades, too.


Let's welcome our new welcomer, Ruby Rainfeather, to the entrance bar! Halloween treats and decorations added. Space Brownies with effects added to the premium menu. A curious cavern has been discovered on the Windy Ledge, but the path is blocked. Time will tell what lies past the frost and gemstone covered corridor.


Two more Home Burrows added to the Sky Garden. New floors and rugs for the bar. A welcomer bar is now situated by the aquarium at the Bar entrance with an all new welcomer NPC to be added soon.


New Skin and Butler. Wyrm Hunting mini-quest added. Opium trader added to the dungeon. Celebration Cake with Balloon effect added to the Bar. New Home Burrows for ferians and friends. Home Burrows can be scent marked and decorated. The dreamwide item cleanup does not affect Burrows. Music added to most areas of the dream. New Pillows have been added to the Pillow Pit. RP Guidelines are gone, we just want everybody to have fun!


RP Finder Script Added. Egg Rescue Mini-Quest added to outdoor areas. Ballroom with Dance DS by Gar added. Some 100+ Dream Portraits have been either reshaded or redone entirely. Madness.


Cloud Wyrm localspecies and portraits added. Skin recolor, Teleport Map and DS added. Local Species are still on Tab C. Open the map by clicking on the scroll icon in the top right corner of the game screen. Landing, Sky Garden and Windy Ledge have all been redesigned with new grass, flora and islands.


Grand Ferian and Mini Gryphons have had facelifts. Grand Ferian Gryffe now wears a harness and saddle to aid Gyrofalco on his furre transports. Ambient sound effects have been improved. Staff on the share list can request a custom sound to play when they enter the dream.


Currency system added and revised with a random spawning treasure hunt. Premium Drinks sold at the bar grant different auras. Bartender Skye has more dialogue and personality. Permafrost Rooms have been redone to match the quality of the rest of the dream.


DP for Life! Thank you Lunati and Elwood Flickertail! Redesign of the bar and lobby. Facelifts for our Werewolf and Thylacine locals and reshading the portraits on our Raccoon locals.


Our Opium Den is now IC Optional to better fit the relaxed and carefree atmosphere of the area. It goes without saying, but please remember to be courteous of others who are RPing and not to be disruptive.


AFK Timer has been extended to one hours of inactivity. New plants are blooming in the garden, the stage has been remodeled and the Raccoon Avatars have been updated to be fatter/cuter. (Old ones can be downloaded here).


Added Feral Gryphon Avatars and Portraits. Mini-Gryffe has spots while Mega-Gryffe has stripes. Updated the skin and buttons.


Added Anthro Macropod (Kangaroo) Avatars and Portraits. This was the first avatar I ever did back in 2004. It's been fixed up and ready to use.


Feral (Flying) Bugge Avatar will replace Bugges instead of Serpents. Feral Bugge is currently a local species, Bugges remain Bugges.


Added a bartender named Skye Rufflequill to the Bar Area. Bartender uses Sidereal's Bartender Script. Command *Menu to order from him.


Portraits for Gendered and Ungendered anthro species have been updated. Added Penguins 'cause, what the hell.


Greatly improved Rooftop deck, designated combat area. It's much larger and allows for seating by many furres.


Club Nimbus is now 100% fully custom. No more public patches. Full list of artists and contributors to the dream can be found in Credit.txt.


New Local Species added, the Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger). Added DS Teleports to dream areas in Tab C.


Werewolf Local Species added. New Clinic added. Increased the space in the Garden and Snuggle (OOC) Areas.


New Skin Added, Custom Pillows can be made with *Pillow command and F3 to change their design. Bathroom has been transformed into the Bath House complete with large hot tub.


Re-Released with Anthro Bats, fixed positioning on Raccoon Avatars.


Added Raccoon Avatars and Opium Den.


Same layout and DS from NCH, under new name and management (Tacoma & Lunati) with lore and quests added.


Uploaded to FurN for the first time under the name Nikeah Coffee House. Layout and DS by Tacoma.