Commission Information

Do you desire some quality sprites for your game? A portrait for furcadia? Perhaps you'd like a shiny new badge or forum icon? If you can think of it, I can draw it for you.

  • I will not draw your character for free.
  • I no longer accept art trades.
  • I do not accept digital goods from any game, including Furcadia.
  • I will only accept USD sent via paypal.
I've been creating art for pay since July 2000 and have over 20 years of experience with both traditional and digital art. I work to develop my skills and techniques by drawing daily. I'm super flexible with commissions and will draw just about anything including Humans, Animals, Nature, Anthropomorphic, Realism, Cartoon, Sci-Fi, Mythological, Spiritual and just about anything else that fits into the broad and diverse Fantasy genre. I have very few restrictions and produce Mature/Adult Content on a regular basis for my own roleplaying community, so don't be shy. If it exists, I can assure you I've either seen it or drawn it myself before.

If you have commissioned me for art, I highly recommended that you provide as much detail as possible before I begin. More details from you gives me a clearer image of what you want. References help but are not necessary. Please be aware that if you provide me with very few details or want me to come up with something original that the piece will usually take longer from start to finish. Additionally, the finished product may not look exactly the way you had hoped, which means I will have to spend even more time editing until you are satisfied with the results. Difficult and excessive alterations will end up costing you more, since those long hours could be spent on another client's work. It isn't fair to let others wait too long, and it isn't fair to work me overtime without some form of compensation.

Please Note: Any Commission Prices prior to 2017 have changed. This page is updated to reflect my current prices. If these prices seem steep, understand that I work at a quick pace to produce quality art and that you are getting exactly what you pay for. You cannot have art that is good, fast and cheap. You can only reasonably expect two of those qualities from a single artist. And as always, my job isn't done until you are completely satisfied.

Traditional Pencil and Lineart:

Sketch: $22

Inked Lineart: $32

Full Color Piece, No Background: $60

Full Color Piece with Background: $75

Digital Art:

Basic Items or Objects (e.g; Toaster, Cup of Tea) $10/ea.

Full Body Pet or Animal Portrait $20/ea.

A client's cat, smoking pipe and collar.

Portrait or Forum Icon: $20
Tasmin Thylacine
Forum Signature: $20

Character Reference Sheet: $60

Game Sprites:

Tiny Sprites (under 50x50) $10 ea.

Sprites under 100x100 $20 ea.

Basic Player Sprites under 150x170 $75 (Front and Back).

Basic Player Sprites over 150x170 $125 (Front and Back).

Game Tiles under 100x100 $15 ea. design, comes with up to 5 reshades or lighting transitions.

Game Menus, Status Bars, etc. $20+ depending on the size and amount needed.

Animations cost a bit more, depending on how many frames are needed. I can animate any game assets including menus, avatars, dialogue bubbles, tiles, walls and more.

Custom Furcadia Patches:

Custom Description Tag: $10 See Tiny Sprites for Examples.

Furcadia Portrait: $22 Examples Here.

Animated Furcadia Portrait: $32 Example Here.

Dual-Portraits: $42 Example Here.

Set of Emotes: $20 Examples:

Full Furcadia Skin with Emotes and Buttons: (includes up to 20 Custom DS Buttons) $150 Example Here.

Object Patches: $5 ea. for basic (Examples: Pillow, Chair, Bar Table), $7 for small animated (Examples: Glowing Lantern, Dripping Candles, Bath Tub) $15-20 for large multi-piece objects or large animated items (Examples: Large Bed, Giant Tree, Fireplace, Hot Tub.) Recolors are free.

Floors: $10 per design with multiple shades and recolors. $25 for animated water/transitions (Examples: water to sand). Transition sets usually come with 16 unique floors.

Walls: $10 per design with multiple shades. $20 for animated walls or set of variations (Examples: Stone walls with candles, windows, moving pictures, etc.)

Effects: $10 for simple, $20 for complex. Examples of simple effects would be bees buzzing or falling leaves. Complicated effects include things like fireworks, birds fighting over a scrap of food or a pixie hiding behind a fallen log and then emerging to fly around.

Custom Avatar: (includes Portrait, Specitag and Basic Animations) $250

Basic Dream Package including functional DS, Up to 16 Areas and 50 unique objects/floors/walls (however you want to slice it) with multiple variations: (includes animations and large items as well) $500